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A dentist's job has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Once a "drill and fill" profession focused on fixing problems that had already taken their toll, dentistry has thankfully moved in the direction of diagnosis and prevention. Advances in the field of dentistry reflect this new focus, and Dr. Carl Henley is proud to be ahead of the curve. He offers a full range of services and dental technology for the greater Aurora, Illinois community, including Invisalign®, Zoom!® teeth whitening, laser dentistry and one-visit dentistry.

Aspects of Dental Technology

Laser Dentistry

If the high-pitched buzz of a dentist's drill sends shivers down your spine, take comfort in knowing that a new direction in dental care is making it possible for dentists to replace rotary tools with quiet, quick, and pain-free lasers. Lasers are also being used to set the composite resins in white fillings, accelerate the in-office tooth whitening process, and even perform soft tissue surgery. We are proud to offer laser dentistry to our patients from Naperville and throughout Illinois.


Sometimes we take our teeth for granted. Little problems go unnoticed and untreated -- until they become big problems, by which time the solutions have become correspondingly complex. A firm believer in prevention and preservation, Dr. Henley stresses the importance of microdentistry, the philosophy of detecting and treating tooth decay as early as possible. Using magnification, illumination, x-rays, and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, including laser dentistry systems, he can attack decay in its earliest stages, using the least invasive means possible. This is a major benefit of advanced dental technology, which is why we offer it for our Aurora-area patients.

Often, the remedy is no more traumatic than air abrasion, a treatment that directs a gentle spray of air and powder at the damaged area, removing tooth decay without removing too much tooth structure. Through microdentistry, we are able to keep the damage small and manageable. This represents a vast improvement over traditional dentistry's standard of waiting to fill a cavity until it becomes fairly large, then replacing the filling with larger ones over time and possibly adding a crown to hold the weakened tooth together.

Digital X-rays

Even in today's highly evolved field, digital X-rays are considered among the most progressive tools available to dentists and their patients. Faster, safer, and more precise than traditional X-rays, digital X-rays use computer technology to record and store images for examination. During this procedure, a small sensor is placed in the patient's mouth. By repositioning the sensor at various angles, we can record images of the teeth and access them within seconds.

In addition to requiring less time for development (making them especially beneficial for emergency cases) and reducing the patient's exposure to harmful radiation, these digital images can be manipulated onscreen and compared to previous x-rays, making us immediately aware of slight changes that might not be visible to the naked eye. In addition, we often take digital X-rays before Zoom!® teeth whitening or Invisalign® treatment; this dental technology, available to the greater Aurora community, ensures that the patient's teeth and gums are healthy enough for the procedure.

Intraoral Camera

As you might imagine, the inside of the mouth does not easily lend itself to being photographed. By using a tiny high-tech video camera no bigger than a pen, Dr. Henley can record images that would be impossible to capture otherwise - a tooth-by-tooth close-up of plaque buildup, for example, or a good look at problems ranging from defective fillings to gum disease. With these detailed images transmitted to a video monitor, you can watch from the chair as we take you on a visual tour of your mouth. This painless procedure allows you to see the condition of your teeth, enlarged and in color.


As modern dentistry gets more advanced, your trip to the dentist keeps getting simpler. Such is the case with E4D®, a computer-aided ceramic restoration system that allows Dr. Henley to design, fabricate, and place a state-of-the-art ceramic tooth or filling in a single office visit. Using computer software that converts a high-resolution digital image of the damaged tooth into a 3-dimensional virtual model, we can mechanically sculpt a replacement out of a solid block of ceramic that matches the shade of the surrounding natural teeth. Usually, we can do it all in about an hour.

In addition to the convenience of a single-visit dental makeover, E4D® provides a superior replacement tooth that closely matches not only the look of a natural tooth, but also its feel and function.

Learn More about Dental Technology

To learn more about the dental technology we use for our Aurora-area patients' benefit, contact Dr. Henley at our Naperville dental practice today. We are more than happy to show you all of the ways in which modern dentistry can make your dental care more effective and comfortable than ever before.

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